Gearing Up for the Last Day of School June 26, 2014

Your Check List as we approach Thursday June 26th.

  • Student lockers need to be emptied;
  • Combination locks need to be returned to Homeroom teachers;
  • Outstanding textbooks/novels etc. need to be returned to subject teachers. 

Schedule for Last Day:
  • Awards Assembly at 9:30 AM;
  • BBQ and Acoustic Show will follow the assembly;
  • Reports released at noon (no earlier)
  • Students dismissed at 12:30.
Letter Posted June 26th: Notice to Parents and Guardians of 2014-2015 Level I (Grade 10) Students (PDF)

Letter Posted June 26th: Notice to Parents and Guardians of 2014-2015 Level II and III (Grade 11 and 12) Students (PDF)

Two Report Card Inserts (PDF)

  • Concerning School Council
  • Curriculum Night in September 2014
  • Safe Grad - Spring 2015
  • Bingo Fund-raiser in October 2014
  • Cap and Gown 2014 Registration Deadline

Message from "Bridges of Hope"

"Each year Bridges To Hope conducts our annual Bag To School program which offers a fully packed book bag to children who are unable to start the new school year with the needed supplies. Registration will take place from July 7th-18th from 10-3 daily, at the main office on 39 Cookstown Rd.
If you have any questions regarding the program or our organization please feel free to contact Bridges to Hope at the address below."
Colin Malone
Pantry – Volunteer Co-ordinator
Bridges To Hope
39 Cookstown Road
St. John’s, NL
Telephone: 709-722-9225/ Fax: 709-722-4840

Final June Exam Schedule is Available Here (PDF)

Final Exams begin on Friday June 13th.  Teachers will be reviewing the Exam Room Regulations/Expectations in class.  As available here (PDF).

Reminder:  The Absolute Due Date for Unsubmitted Course Work since the Last Progress Report is June 2nd.

Bussing during Exams: The Exam Bussing Schedule for Bishops College and Booth Memorial is available here (PDF).

Breakfast Program during Exams: The breakfast club will run right through exams.  During exam week a grab and go style breakfast will be served from the special services room (127).

Booth Tutoring Centre

"We are pleased to announce that the Booth Tutoring Centre for 2014 is up and running! We’re located in the Conference Room (Room 216), and can offer you help in all levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science 1206, English, Français/French, Histoire Mondiale/World History, Carrière et Vie/Career, MPT Prep, and Public Exam Prep! As for new items, we will also be trying to run mini-sessions (15 minutes) either mornings before class, recess times, or lunch times (depending on student interest and tutor availability…they can vote via the tally sheet on the board next to 216). Some potential topics include dealing with stress, memorization tips, how to stay focused, and finding the best way for you to study. Another new service available to teachers this year will be booking a tutor to come to your class. Simply sign up on the schedule posted outside 216. You are also welcome to send your students to us! For students, as always, the tutoring centre will be open for drop-ins. They can come by themselves for one-on-one help, or bring their friends for group study sessions."

                                                                             Message from our two TWEP Tutors


CDLI - Online Resources  to Assist with Year-end Exam Prep

The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI) has several online student learning resources that are available to all high school students in the province.  Students already enrolled in CDLI courses have active accounts, and other students can easily create an account by following the simple directions on the CDLI website .  
Course Review Support is provided for select courses at the high school level. This support program is designed to assist students in preparation for year-end exams. To access a particular course, navigate to the website  and select Senior High Course Review Materials. Instructions are provided as to how to access a course. Note: You will need to sign up for a CDLI account to access the course review materials.

Below is a complete list of courses in which review support is being offered this year:
  • Biology 3201
  • Chemistry 3202
  • English 3201
  • World History 3201
  • World Geography 3202
  • Academic Mathematics 3201 (New)
  • Advanced Mathematics 3200 (New)
  • Advanced Mathematics 3208 (New)
  • Applied Mathematics 3202 (New)
  • Earth Systems 3209 (New)
  • Physics 3204
CDLI also provides FREE online tutoring in a number of high school courses, including those with public exams. This year, they have added tutoring support for Grade 9 Mathematics.  While all the tutoring links can be found on the main webpage of CDLI, below is a quick reference to four specific links that may be of use to students:


Mindfulness as a Positive Mental Health Strategy

Sometimes, do you feel like you’ve just got too much to deal with?

-    Exams?

-    Something about you on FB?

-    A break-up with boyfriend/girlfriend?

-    Pressured to get better grades?

-    Overloaded—too much to do?

-    Having trouble keeping your mind on your school work?

-    Stressed out?

-    Problems at home?

-    Not fitting in?

The new after-school program, Mindfulness as a Positive Mental Health Strategy, will give you new tools that can help you  deal with the pressures and stresses of life.

You can be among the first students in St. John’s to learn about Mindfulness, “the capacity to be alert and open to life experience as it occurs in a non-reactive, resilient, and compassionate way.”    Susan Kaiser Greenland, Author of The Mindful Child:
Join us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for an hour (3:10 – 4:10 pm) starting May 1st  at Booth Memorial High School, and learn new ways to deal with whatever life throws at you.

To sign up, come to the office.

To learn more about mindfulness, visit: or .

Rotary Music Festival

Update:  The Concert Band received Gold at the Rotary Music Festival ... Congratulations!!

On Wednesday, April 9th the Booth/Bishops Concert Band was very lucky to
have Dr. Jason Caslor, professor at the MUN School of Music, come into
school to do a workshop in preparation for their coming performances.
Students had a very fun and educational morning.

"I learned that if we breathe together we will play together and that
quality of sound is more important than playing loudly. I had a lot of

The Concert Band will be participating in the Rotary Music Festival with a
concert on May 11th and a clinic on May 13th. The school's Spring Concert
is slated for Tuesday, May 20th.

Mathematics Placement Test (MPT)

All students entering Memorial University who are intending to take MATH 1050, 1051 or 1090 should write the Mathematics Placement Test.  Click here to read more (PDF) Note the important dates.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a medical student?

Click here (PDF) to get details for an upcoming mini-med school opportunity.

Easter 2015 .. Trip to Iceland Being Planned

Plans are underway for an exciting trip to Iceland during the 2015 Easter break.  Students participating in the ‘Iceland; Glaciers and Geysers’ will spend 6 days visiting some of the most spectacular sites on the globe!

While on this adventure, students will see icecaps, glaciers, spouting geysers, steaming solfataras, volcanoes, raging rivers and magnificent waterfalls.   They will have bragging rights because they stood in both Europe and North America at the same time, not to mention swimming in the Blue Lagoon!   We will also experience the vibrant European culture in lively Reykjavik as well as at every stop on our tour around the Golden Circle.   This trip is jammed packed with activities that will keep students busy creating memories that will truly last a lifetime!

If you are interested in finding out more, please email or see Mr. Jesperson for additional details.

Scent-Free Building: A Reminder

Reminder to the Booth Community that Booth Memorial High School is a "Scent-Free Building".  We have a number of students as well as staff who have sensitivities to scented products.   People with asthma and allergies to scented products can have reactions which affect their ability to breathe.  

Please restrict your use of scented products when coming to Booth.  Such products include body sprays and perfume/aftershave.

Waterford Valley High School Updates

  • The result of the vote was Waterford Valley Warriors and subsequently the team colors were chosen as Red and Black.
  • On Wednesday, May 21, the K-12 feeder system for Waterford Valley High School will be voting on a new school mascot.   The short list options from which students may choose are:  Bobcats, Warriors, Wolverines, and Wolves
  • Letter to Parents (PDF) concerning the selection of a name for the sports team/mascot for Waterford Valley High School.
  • The attached letter addressed to Parents/Guardians (PDF) describes the status of Booth Memorial and Bishops College for the 2014 - 2015 school year.  
  • The school board has voted to accept the new name for the west-end high school as Waterford Valley High.
  • The new Advisory Committee website is

Recycling of Beverage Containers

An ongoing fund-raising activity for Booth Memorial is our beverage container recycling program.  Booth Memorial High School has three accounts set up with Evergreen Recycling.  You can drop off your items at any Evergreen depot noting the appropriate card number; you can decide which activity will benefit from your donation.

Card Number         Group

1030270                School
1030271                Special Services
1030272                Safe Grad

Thank you for your support.

Our Breakfast Program

Currently our students come to us from Beaconsfield and Holy Cross Junior High. These schools have identified a need for a breakfast program for their students. They operate a Breakfast Club in association with the Kids Eat Smart program.

In the past year we have recognized the fact that the needs of these students do not disappear when they transition to High School. As a result we have now instituted our own Kids Eat Smart program.

We are providing a breakfast of toast, juice, fruit, etc each morning Monday to Friday. This is open to all students, not just to those who cannot afford it. The philosophy is that all students perform better in school if they eat properly.
Food for this project comes from donations and sponsorship. Any money or in -kind contributions are matched dollar for dollar by Kids Eat Smart. If you would like to make a contribution or if you have a contact in the corporate world who might help us out please contact or at 579 6465.

A tax receipt can be provided for the value of any contributions.

Dates to Remember

June 2 - Term Two Work Deadline

June 13 -  Final Exams Begin

June 17 - Last Day for the Cafeteria to be Open ... Closed tomorrow  for the rest of the school year.

June 26 - Final Reports

June 27 - Admin Day


Contact Information

Booth Memorial High School
151 Freshwater Road
St. John's, NL
A1C 2P1
709 579-6465
709 579-2564 Fax