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Bus Schedule During Exam Period (Updated June 24)

On Thursday, June 25th Busses will be leaving Booth Memorial at 12:30 pm.

Student Lockers/Return of Locks (Posted June 15)

  • Please have your lockers emptied out by Thursday, June 25th.
  • Before Students will receive their individual Report Cards, either your combination lock or $10.00 cash must be given to your Homeroom Teacher. Your Homeroom Teacher will give you a receipt for having either returned your lock or having paid for it.

Last Day of School - The Final Assembly/Report Cards (Posted June 15)

  • The Final Assembly will begin at 9:00 am on Thursday, June 25. 
  • After the assembly, there will be a BBQ for students
  • Reports will be released at 12:15 by Homeroom Teachers
  • Busses will depart school at 12:30
  • Administration Day for Teachers - Friday, June 26th

Summer School (Posted June 9)

Students eligible for summer school will have registration forms included with their final report cards which will be distributed on June 25th.  Student registration process will determine the courses offered at both sites.  In the recent years, this has been mainly Mathematics 7-9, Mathematics 1201 and Mathematics 2201.  The district has also offered some ELA in 7-9 as well as English 1201 and English 2201.

The two sites for Summer School 2015 are Brother Rice Junior High and O'Donel High School. Student registration will be hosted at each school from 9 am to 4 pm on Monday, June 29th.  Classes will commence on Thursday, July 2nd and run until Wednesday, July 29th (9 am to 12 pm each day).

August Supplementary Exams 2015 (Posted June 4)

Message from the Department of Education: The August supplementary exams will take place between August 10th and 13th.  Students with exceptionalities sent to the Department will be accommodated during those exams. No further application for accommodations will be required.

Series of Guest Speakers During Resiliency Week (May 25 - 29)

Donovan Taplin can be followed on Twitter @donovantaplin

Jeremy Bennett 

Lynn Moore

Donovan Taplin with our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Kirkland and four other organizers for this week.

Fall Cap & Gown Dates [As Posted on the WVHS Website] Posted May 29

The Graduating Class of 2015 are invited to Waterford Valley High for their Cap and Gown Ceremony to be held in November 2015. Tickets for the events will go on sale early November and can be purchased from the school office at WVH.

  • The Bishops College ceremony will be at 2pm on Saturday, November 21
  • The Booth Memorial ceremony will be at 2pm on Sunday, November 22

Supplementary Exams

Students from Bishops College and Booth Memorial can write a supplementary exam in any course they have previously completed. Registration must take place either at Bishops College or Booth Memorial by June 26th. Forms will be included in the final report envelopes.

Supplementary Exam Schedule for September 2015  (PDF)

Hugh Thank You!! (Posted May 25)

The Booth Community came together over this past weekend to give our school a "Brave Farewell".  Thank you to the many volunteers for the tasks/jobs/performances/duties you performed.   A lot of time/commitment/resourcefulness went into making this weekend a tremendious success.  The pride expressed by alumni and current students for their school was fantastic.

Thank you!

The May 22nd and 23rd event’s Facebook page --
Rob Hand Print of Booth Memorial High School (Posted May 25)
If you didn't get your copy of the print over the weekend, there are still a number of Rob Hand's Limited Edition prints still available for purchase from the school's office for $50.00 each (200 printed).  If you are interested as a part of this sale, The Artists Workshop will frame your print for $80.00 + tax which is a discount of $30.

Also, there are tickets for sale for the chance to win the original painting valued at $1500.00.  The tickets are one for $5.00 and three for $10.00.  The ticket draw will happen on Thursday, June 25, 2015.  

Remembering Booth Memorial and its 'live-and-let-live' culture
By Heather Barrett, CBC News Posted: May 19, 2015 7:06 AM NT

CBC St. John's Morning Show May 19, 2015

Anthony Germain Interviewed 

  • Jessica Chafe, Class of 2012
  • Dana Warren, Class of 1986
  • John Green,  Retired Teacher
MP3 available here.

Booth Memorial Exam Schedule (PDF) ... Note this contains Public Exams and School Exams. Posted May 14th.  

Provincial Digital Citizenship Initiative
Letter (PDF) -- Overview of the Initiative by Lucy Warren (AD Education - Programs for NLESD - Eastern Region).
  • Permission Form (PDF) --- To be completed; signed and returned to the school.
Lesson Resource Links

Booth Daycare Success Story
Check out the documentary here.

CDLI Offers Free Online and Face-to-face Tutoring
The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation would like to inform all students and parents that they have FREE online tutoring for all students in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  CDLI has 15 very qualified post-secondary students who provide tutoring services during the evenings (Mon – Thurs) and on the weekends.  
Tutoring is available in many high school courses and grade 9 Math and Science.  Students can access tutoring by going to the following website –  At the website students will find an "online tutoring" schedule as well as the instructions to access the tutoring.  For information with regard to the "Face-to-face" tutoring as well as any others questions please contact Anne-Marie Dalley, CDLI Guidance Counsellor at (709) 884-2632 or

Social Justice Club  is raising money to help fund a schoolhouse in Ghana, Africa with Free the Children. Stay tuned for future fund-raising activities.

The group has setup a donation page at

Social Justice Report (Posted June 24)

""I just want to thank you and the staff here at Booth for all their support this year. It has been a successful year where we raised over $6500. We couldn't have done this without the help of the students and staff! Here is a run down of all our events and accomplishments this year.

October- We Scare Hunger. We collected non-perishables for the Community Food Sharing Association.

December- We sold tickets on a gift card wallet.

March- We did a grocery bag fundraiser at Dominion. During this month we also participated in Hats for Haiti, spearheaded by the Metro Region Social Justice Coalition. We raised over $200.00 for Hands across the Sea Haiti.

We held many bake sales throughout the year. As well as collecting donations from the boxes found throughout the school.

In total, we raised over $6500 this year to go towards a schoolhouse in Ghana through the organization Free the Children. This is including a $2500.00 grant we received from Robin Hood flour.

Thank you again for all your help! ""

Keep shining,

S. and the Social Justice Club :)

Scent-Free Building: A Reminder

Reminder to the Booth Community that Booth Memorial High School is a "Scent-Free Building".  We have a number of students as well as staff who have sensitivities to scented products.   People with asthma and allergies to scented products can have reactions which affect their ability to breathe.  

Please restrict your use of scented products when coming to Booth.  Such products include body sprays and perfume/aftershave.

Recycling of Beverage Containers

An ongoing fund-raising activity for Booth Memorial is our beverage container recycling program.  Booth Memorial High School has three accounts set up with Evergreen Recycling.  You can drop off your items at any Evergreen depot noting the appropriate card number; you can decide which activity will benefit from your donation.

Card Number         Group

1030270                School
1030271                Special Services

Thank you for your support.

Our Breakfast Program

Currently our students come to us from Beaconsfield and Holy Cross Junior High. These schools have identified a need for a breakfast program for their students. They operate a Breakfast Club in association with the Kids Eat Smart program. This program will restart on September 15th.

In the past year we have recognized the fact that the needs of these students do not disappear when they transition to High School. As a result we have now instituted our own Kids Eat Smart program.

We are providing a breakfast of toast, juice, fruit, etc each morning Monday to Friday. This is open to all students, not just to those who cannot afford it. The philosophy is that all students perform better in school if they eat properly.
Food for this project comes from donations and sponsorship. Any money or in -kind contributions are matched dollar for dollar by Kids Eat Smart. If you would like to make a contribution or if you have a contact in the corporate world who might help us out please contact or at 579 6465.

A tax receipt can be provided for the value of any contributions.

Dates to Remember for 2014 - 2015

Fri. June 5 Term Work Due 3:00 pm
June 11 Last Day of Cafeteria Service
June 12 "Packing Day" for the Move -- No Classes
June 15 - 24 Final Exams Schedule Posted (PDF)
Thurs. Jun 25 Reports Released Last day for Students
Fri. June 26 Administration Day for Teachers


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